CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 19): Changes to Vacation Leave in Oracle

Well April 1 is here. New fiscal year, new budgets, and new charge numbers. The other thing you might have noticed in Oracle is that the new system shows your vacation as it is earned instead of what you are entitled to as it did in the past. See myCNL posting (http://mycnl/News/Company_News_2017/Access_to_your_leave_records.htm).

This change is due to an upgrade to the Oracle system and does not represent any change to the Collective Agreement. Per Article 13.03 of the Collective Agreement, members with 6 or more months of service shall be credited with their leave. As a result of this change you may encounter times when you see a negative leave balance. Managers are aware of the change in Oracle, and this should not affect any members from taking leave. If it does so, please contact us immediately.

We also recommend following the steps in the myCNL posting to create a future dated report to see what leave you are entitled to (e.g., leave entitled by 2018 March 31) and to ensure the upgrade correctly applied your leave details. If you find any errors you should contact your HR Representative to have the mistakes corrected.

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 18): Suggestions for changes to our Benefits

The Benefits Committee is planning to once again go to market with our benefits plan. This is done from time to time to ensure that CNL employees get the best value plan. CRPEG is a member of that committee and we are asking for your input/feedback on changes to the benefits package, i.e., if there is any changes to the current extended health care or dental care options that you would like to see included in the benefits package. This is our chance to provide information on changes/enhancements as part of the Request For Proposals. Please provide your feedback to us by 2017 April 21 so that it can be considered.

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 18): Fw: PEO’s New Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) Program

The PEO asked us to forward this on their behalf. Details are in the attachment.

Speaker: Gerard McDonald, P.Eng., MBA

                  Registrar, PEO

When:     Monday, 2017 May 01

Meet and Greet: 6:30 p.m., Talk: 7:00 p.m.

Where:    J.L. Gray Engineering Centre, Deep River

(Entry via Rear Doors)

Light Refreshments Will Be Served

To register and attend, please email Uditha Senaratne at by 2017 April 27

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 6): Call for Help in Policy/ Procedure Review

As part of the recently ratified collective agreement, CRPEG has committed to reviewing a number of company-wide policies and procedures that have a specific revision tied to our collective agreement. In some cases there are already more recent revisions of these documents that have been issued (that apply to everyone else but us).  The executive needs your help to complete this review in a timely manner.  For each document, the new revision will be compared to the currently referenced version in our collective agreement.  The time commitment is the time required to review a procedure, and a 1 hr meeting after all comments have been compiled, to determine whether the revised version could be accepted as is.

The procedures to be reviewed are:

o   Travel and Hospitality Procedure Rev 1 vs 4. CW-512200-PRO-120

o   Maternity and Parental Leave Procedure CW-510830-PRO-001 vs CW-510300-PRO-213 rev 1

o   Personnel Security Rev 1 vs 4 CW-510600-PRO-237

o   Researcher/Engineer Emeritus Agreement 00-222.1 vs CW-510100-PRO-327

o   Tuition Reimbursement 00-261.2 vs CW-510200-PRO-001

We are looking for 3-4 individuals for each procedure, spread across all organizations.

If you are interested, or have questions, please contact Curtis Russell by email.

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 6): FW: Upcoming CNS Seminar – April 18 @ 6:30 pm

As Forwarded from CNS

The Chalk River Branch of the Canadian Nuclear Society is pleased to present a speaker session with Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, the new Vice President of Research & Development (R&D) at CNL.

Where:                       JL Gray – Bennett Room (Back Entrance)

When:                        Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 pm

Who:               Dr. Kathryn McCarthy, Vice President R&D, CNL

Price:           Free, Open to the Public


CNL recently completed a 10-year plan that discusses current and planned activities across the CNL sites.  At the core of that document are the Science and Technology (S&T) plans that build on CNL’s rich history of nuclear S&T leadership, and that will position CNL to transform the nuclear future of Canada.  In addition to maintaining important activities such as our support to the CANDU industry and to the Federal government, we will build on our differentiating capabilities, broadening our customer base and growing our reputation both nationally and internationally. This talk will discuss CNL’s S&T plans and specific initiatives where there are exciting growth opportunities.

Speaker Information:

Dr. McCarthy is Vice-President, Research and Development for the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.  From February 2012 to January 2017 she was Director of Domestic Programs for Nuclear Science and Technology at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and the Director of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program Technical Integration Office for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE).  Prior to that she was Deputy Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Science & Technology at INL, National Technical Director for the Systems Analysis Campaign for the DOE-NE Fuel Cycle R&D Program, and was involved in various other nuclear fission and fusion programs before that; she was employed at the Idaho National Laboratory for 25 years.

She received her B.S. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Arizona in 1983; M.S., 1986 and Ph.D., 1989, in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Dr. McCarthy was a Guest Scientist at the Kernforschungszentrum (Nuclear Research Center) in Karlsruhe, Germany, March-September 1989, and spent a year in the Soviet Union with the Department of Energy US/USSR Young Scientist Program, at the Efremov and Kurchatov Institutes in Russia, and the Latvian Academy of Science in Latvia, September 1989-August 1990. She is a member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), beginning as a student in 1979, and is currently on the Executive Committee (2014-2017) for the Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls Division; she has served on the ANS Board of Directors 2002-2008 (two terms), is the former Vice Chair of Professional Women in ANS, Fusion Energy Division Chair (2000-2001), Vice-Chair (1999-2000) and Executive Committee (1996-1999), ANS Idaho Section Chair (2001-2002) and Vice-Chair (2000-2001), and the University of Arizona Student Chapter ANS President (1982-83). Her awards include the an ANS Presidential citation in 2015 for “Leadership and guidance of the Light Water Reactor Sustainability effort….that has helped set the stage for US power companies to be able to make informed decisions regarding subsequent license renewal for their operating nuclear units…,” 2011 Nuclear Energy Advocate of the Year Award (given by the Partnership for Science and Technology), the 2011 Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Women of Today and Tomorrow Award, an American Nuclear Society Presidential Citation in 2007 for “…outstanding service to the ANS,” the 2000 ANS Women’s Achievement Award, 1996 International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor U.S. Home Team Leadership Award, and the 1994 David Rose Award for Excellence in Fusion Engineering.

A CNS membership is not required to attend this seminar; all are welcome. For more information, please contact Aidan Leach.

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 5): For Information: Banked Time MOU

By now, most of you may have heard that other unions discussed and agreed to terms with the company regarding past banked time earned and having a credit applied to it. We also signed something similar regarding past banked time. Essentially the company had a legal concern with regard to banked time being earned at straight time when working more than 40 hours in a week and that it should have been at time and a half.  To resolve this we agreed with the employer that our members should be granted additional leave credit for those hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

What’s happening:

HR will go back through our time records  between 2015 April 1 and 2016 July 1 and identify those weeks where we exceeded 40 hours. For those hours in excess of 40 we’ll receive an additional 50% of those hours. (so if you worked 42 in a week you would receive an additional 1hour)

HR will issue a letter with the extra hours identified and those hours will be put in your vacation reserve that will not affect your aggregate hours. Some of you may have received those letters by now. We have attached the MOU which contains all the details of the agreement.

CRPEG Bulletin (2017 March 31): CRPEG Salary Increase Date Change

We have been advised by HR that implementation of the new CRPEG salaries has been pushed back to the April 27th pay. We also have been informed that the date for retroactive pay will be delayed; we will pass along that date once we have received it. The delay is primarily a result of prioritizing the changes resulting from the new 40 hour grade structure before commencing the manual salary change entries.