CRPEG may be contacted via email at

The CRPEG mailing address is:
PO Box 1224
Deep River ON  K0J 1P0

You can also follow CRPEG on Twitter.


Position Name Location Phone
President Jonathan Fitzpatrick 596A ext. 42447
Vice President Raghu Rao 330 ext. 44500
Chief Steward Dave Pilgrim 464T ext. 46398
Negotiations Matt Crowe 227 ext. 44268
Communications Kourosh Khosravi 150 ext. 46471
Secretary Cliff Dugal Keys ext. 43757
Treasurer Bob Radenovic JL Gray ext. 45141
PIPSC Relations Noel Harrison 300 ext. 46529
Special Assignments Curtis Russell 701A ext. 46759

All Executives are also Stewards.

Members at Large

Name Location Phone
Wade Mayo 456 ext. 43755
Navdeep Dadhiala JL Gray ext. 45080
Vince Frisina Retired
Henrik Andersen Retired

All non-retired Members at Large are also Stewards.


Name Location Phone
Amina Radyastuti Morison ext. 45097
Bill Richmond 300 ext. 43860

Health & Safety Representatives

Name Location Phone
Suzanne Badel Morison ext. 42812