The Chalk River Professional Employees Group (CRPEG), is a bargaining unit of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) representing professional employees of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), Chalk River, performing engineering or scientific work for the Chalk River establishment, excluding casual employees and all persons at the organizational level of branch manager or above, as described in the certificate issued by the Canada Labour Relations Board dated 1993 July 07.

CRPEG is a proud member of the Canadian Nuclear Workers Council (CNWC), an organization of unions that represent workers in various areas of the Canadian nuclear industry, including electric utilities, uranium mining & processing, radioisotope production and nuclear research.

The objective of CRPEG is to promote the welfare of its members and specifically to assess and analyze the wishes of the members with regard to the collective bargaining process and to represent the consensus of the members views in contract negotiations with the management of CNL.