CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 6): Call for Help in Policy/ Procedure Review

As part of the recently ratified collective agreement, CRPEG has committed to reviewing a number of company-wide policies and procedures that have a specific revision tied to our collective agreement. In some cases there are already more recent revisions of these documents that have been issued (that apply to everyone else but us).  The executive needs your help to complete this review in a timely manner.  For each document, the new revision will be compared to the currently referenced version in our collective agreement.  The time commitment is the time required to review a procedure, and a 1 hr meeting after all comments have been compiled, to determine whether the revised version could be accepted as is.

The procedures to be reviewed are:

o   Travel and Hospitality Procedure Rev 1 vs 4. CW-512200-PRO-120

o   Maternity and Parental Leave Procedure CW-510830-PRO-001 vs CW-510300-PRO-213 rev 1

o   Personnel Security Rev 1 vs 4 CW-510600-PRO-237

o   Researcher/Engineer Emeritus Agreement 00-222.1 vs CW-510100-PRO-327

o   Tuition Reimbursement 00-261.2 vs CW-510200-PRO-001

We are looking for 3-4 individuals for each procedure, spread across all organizations.

If you are interested, or have questions, please contact Curtis Russell by email.