CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 25): Work being Done to Keep the Pension Plan: FW: [External] Fwd: CANW – Membership Survey

If you were at the ratification vote you would have heard us talk about the CERI pension plan, and you may have heard that CERI is our plan B for our pension. CRPEG along with the other unions have formed a lobbying group with the express purpose of convincing the stakeholders, MPs, Treasury Board, and the PMO, that keeping CNL as part of the PSSA not only makes sense for the employees, is not the burden on the government as it was perceived but may also be a benefit to national interest in that it is an incentive to attract and retain talent to support Canada’s science and technology laboratory. Already in April this group spent a week talking to the various stakeholders and they had questions. The group is going back to Ottawa again in May to meet again with the answers to those questions.

They need your help. The group has put together a short survey they would like you to participate in that will give them direct input that they can use in their lobbying efforts. We would encourage you all to take a few minutes in support of us staying in the PSSA.