CRPEG Bulletin (2017 April 19): Changes to Vacation Leave in Oracle

Well April 1 is here. New fiscal year, new budgets, and new charge numbers. The other thing you might have noticed in Oracle is that the new system shows your vacation as it is earned instead of what you are entitled to as it did in the past. See myCNL posting (http://mycnl/News/Company_News_2017/Access_to_your_leave_records.htm).

This change is due to an upgrade to the Oracle system and does not represent any change to the Collective Agreement. Per Article 13.03 of the Collective Agreement, members with 6 or more months of service shall be credited with their leave. As a result of this change you may encounter times when you see a negative leave balance. Managers are aware of the change in Oracle, and this should not affect any members from taking leave. If it does so, please contact us immediately.

We also recommend following the steps in the myCNL posting to create a future dated report to see what leave you are entitled to (e.g., leave entitled by 2018 March 31) and to ensure the upgrade correctly applied your leave details. If you find any errors you should contact your HR Representative to have the mistakes corrected.