CRPEG Bulletin (2016 December 8): Negotiations Information Request – CRPEG Section Heads

As you know we are in negotiations. One of the items we are discussing is the responsibility of Section Heads and whether they are being recognized appropriately. Early in our discussion it was recognized that what section heads do and how they are recognized varied greatly with the small amount of experiences in the negotiating teams. It would be extremely helpful to the process if you would take a couple of minutes and answer the following questions:

1. Are you a Section Head?

2. Where do you work in the organization? R&D, Operations, Decomissioning…

3. How did you become a Section Head? Volunteer? Voluntold? Applied to a posted position?

4. What is the range of duties you perform as the Section Head in your Branch? More detail the better.

5. How does that differ from your colleagues or those you supervise?

6. What expectations with respect to Section Head are you given by your manager, in terms of work

performed, levels of authority and your accountability?

7. Are your contributions recognized for an enhanced level of service or accountability as Section

Head, and in what manner are those contributions recognized?

We will be grouping the information and removing any identifying references before anything is shared with the company negotiating team. You can respond to this email or if you prefer, you can respond to our external email, Thank you for your input.