CRPEG Bulletin (2016 September 20): Forward: CNS-WiN Joint Speaker Session – “In-Situ Decommissioning of the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Reactor”

Forwarded on Behalf of CNS and WiN.

The Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) and Women in Nuclear (WiN) are pleased to announce a jointly sponsored talk by Meggan Vickerd.  In her talk, Ms. Vickerd will discuss the preferred decommissioning technique for the NPD reactor in Rolphton, ON, as well as provide an overview of the current status of the Gentilly-1 and Douglas Point reactors which are in a safe shutdown state. NPD was Canada’s first nuclear power reactor, and was used as an early prototype for the CANDU reactors in operation today. It also functioned as the training and simulation center for generations of Canadian and off-shore CANDU operations staff. NPD began operation in 1962 and was operational until 1987.  CNL intends to safely reduce Canada’s nuclear legacy liability by carrying out the decommissioning of NPD by 2020.

Meggan Vickerd is the Facility Authority for the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) Waste Facility and thus part of the project team advancing the decommissioning of the reactor and closure of the NPD site.  Previously she was the operations manager of all three Prototype Reactor Facilities, which included Gentilly-1 and Douglas Point.  Her combination of a BSc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences is complimented by 10 years of experience in Canada’s Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management industry.

Meggan Vickerd

Facility Authority, NPD Closure Project

Talk:  6:00 pm, Tuesday September 27th

Pizza will be served at 5:30 pm

Chalk River Legion