CRPEG Bulletin (2016 October 13): Negotiatons Update


We have been meeting with the company frequently and have delayed sending out a bulletin until we had something of significance to report.

The company and union negotiation teams met again September 7th  to 9th, 20th to 22nd and October 4th to 6th, still following the Interest
Based Negotiations (IBN) format. This collaborative type of negotiations in which both the union and the company work together to solve the issues to everyone’s benefit can, as you can imagine take time.

Over the additional nine days of negotiation, we have advanced our discussion on nearly all non-monetary issues identified at the beginning
of negotiations.  This includes: flexible work schedule, NRU shutdown, harassment investigations, Career and Professional Development (C&PD),
the Joint Consultation Committee (JCC) and on-call clarification.  We have achieved tentative resolution on flexible work schedule, C&PD, JCC and, clarification to on-call language at the conclusion of this weeks bargaining. We would expect that a logical question might be, “can we see the tentative resolutions?” Though we have tentative language, with the IBN process nothing gets truly finalised until the end of all the negotiations. This gives us the ability to revisit those items that have tentative language if the next item for negotiations impacts one of those previously discussed. For example, flexible work hours terms could impact discussions on banked time or overtime. So although we have tentative language it could change slightly.

Overall, the negotiations team continues to feel positive with the steps in IBN.  The sides will meet again October 25th -27th to resume discussions.

For specific questions regarding negotiations please contact