CRPEG Bulletin (2016 March 02) myBenefits Program

As a result of the membership vote announced Feb 1st, CRPEG chose to adopt the modular benefits program “myBenefits”.

It was recently communicated to us that this change will take effect with the next renewal of the modular benefits plan. The modular benefits program renews every 2 years, and the next renewal date is 2016 April 1st. The deadline to make changes to benefit plans is March 17th.

Please review the post on myCNL for details on the benefit plans, and on how to make changes to your benefits.

Several information sessions are being offered to new entrants, please consider attending one if you have any concerns or questions about the benefit plans and process.

We apologize for the slight delay in delivering this notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a CRPEG steward