CRPEG Bulletin: (2016 April 1) PIPSC Files Notice to Bargain with CNL on Behalf of CRPEG

On Thursday, March 31, PIPSC, on behalf of CRPEG, filed notice to bargain with CNL.

This means that we have let the company know that we are ready to enter into the process of negotiations for a new contract. Under the Canada Labour Code, once notice to bargain has been served, all the current terms and conditions of employment (the contract) are frozen until a new agreement has been reached.

The company is expected to respond, indicating that they are also ready to negotiate, and usually offer several dates for the first meeting. At this point CNL and the CRPEG negotiating team will find a date for the first meeting.

At the first meeting the two teams will exchange initial proposals and work out the logistics of negotiations, the where, when, how often. Usually the first 3 or 4 bargaining session are scheduled at this point. The membership survey serves in large part to prioritize our proposals.

During subsequent meetings, each side typically revises their proposals, and/or comes to agreement on individual changes, and the process continues until a tentative agreement is reached.

At some point during bargaining, the parties will work out the details of the Maintenance Of Services Agreement (MSA). This agreement sets out the terms should there be some form of job action, either lockout or strike. The deadline for the MSA is that it must be filed with the CIRB prior to any job action.

Due to the continuously evolving nature of bargaining, the strategy and priorities may change over the course of discussions. Negotiations depend on a large number of variables, including strategy. In order to achieve the best possible contract for the members, the strategy will be kept confidential. The CRPEG Executive will provide regular updates on the status of negotiations.

The CRPEG 2016 Contract Negotiations Team is:

Kristine Drew,
Jonathan Fitzpatrick,
Noel Harrison,
Paul Jones,
Wade Mayo,
Raghu Rao,
Curtis Russell, and
Bill Visneski.

Assisting us from PIPSC is Negotiator Denise Doherty-Delorme.

What’s Next: In the next Bargaining Bulletin we will be presenting a summary of the results of the bargaining survey and the items identified for inclusion in the initial proposal to the Company.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please direct them to and we will do our best to respond to them as quickly as possible.