CRPEG Bulletin (2014 October 30): T-shirt pickup


CRPEG T-shirts are available for pickup at the following locations:

October 31:  B456A Room 237 (Jonathan), and

November 3: B508 Room 142B (Vince)

First come, first served.  Members are asked to wear the t-shirts to the all-staff update on Tuesday morning, November 4th, as a show of solidarity.

Printed on T-shirts:  Standing Up For Pensions


The announcement on the PSSA 3-year transitional coverage is a tremendous achievement and addresses a major issue, but it is only a partial solution to our pension concerns ….

  • it is only a short-term fix, and
  • it does not specify an equivalent pension for new hires

To address our concerns we are looking for long-term solutions by pursuing parallel paths with the Employer, Government and the Qualified Respondents.
CRPEG:  A Partner in AECL Restructuring.  Let’s “Do It Right”. Faites ce qu’il faut.

CRPEG Executive
Working Together For The Public Good
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