CRPEG Bulletin (2014 October 29): AGM and New Executive

Many thanks to all the CRPEG members who attended last night’s AGM.

There was excellent participation and discussion on a wide variety of topics including negotiations and pensions.

Our thanks also goes to Uditha Senaratne for his contributions as the Nominations Chair and conducting the Election of Officers.

T-shirts were handed out at the AGM, and more will available later this week. Members are reminded to wear the t-shirts on November 4th, in support of CRPEG and our position on pensions.

The CRPEG Executive for 2015 is:

President Jonathan Fitzpatrick (DN-44067) (B456)
Vice President Vince Frisina (DN-44946) (B508)
Chief Steward Wade Mayo (DN-43755) (B456)
Treasurer William Visneski (DN-46327) (B100)
Secretary Raghu Rao (DN-44500) (B330)
PIPSC Relations Henrik Andersen (DN-44227) (B145)
Negotiations Noel Harrison (DN-46529) (B300)
Communications Joe Magill (DN-46886) (B464T)
Special Assignments Kristine Drew (DN-45252) (JL Gray)

CRPEG:  A Partner in AECL Restructuring.  Let’s “Do It Right”. Faites ce qu’il faut.

CRPEG Executive
Working Together For The Public Good
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