CRPEG Bulletin (2014 November 21)

The PIPSC elections are now in progress and you might have received mail from PIPSC on how to vote electronically using the ballots. Online voting instructions have been e-mailed to you by PIPSC for your convenience.  Please keep in mind that the deadline for online voting is 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

Should you require any assistance, please contact the Membership Section at 1-800-267-0446 or by e-mail

It important that CRPEG members actively participate in elections and we maintain a good relationship with PIPSC senior officials. This assists the CRPEG Executive in sustaining the exceptional professional support we receive from PIPSC specialists for grievances and negotiations.

Note: Ballot counting process:

Voting is by “Ranked Choice Voting”.  The votes will be counted and if a candidate receives a majority he/she wins. If not, the votes received by the candidate who received the least amount of votes will be eliminated and his/her votes will be re-distributed using the second, third and forth choices going to other candidates still in the race until someone wins a majority.

The positions and candidates that CRPEG members can vote for are as follows:



Vice-President (full time) – 1 to be elected

  1. Shannon Bittman
  2. Gary Corbett
  3. Stéphane Aubry
  4. Don Burns
  5. John N. Courtney
  6. Al (Alnashir) Ravjiani
  7. Patrick Sioui
  8. Frank Wong
  9. Robert Bowie-Reed
  10. Stacy McLaren
  11. Greg Scriver

Vice-President (part time) – 1 to be elected

  1. Stéphane Aubry
  2. Don Burns
  3. John N. Courtney
  4. Al (Alnashir) Ravjiani
  5. Patrick Sioui
  6. Frank Wong

NCR Regional Director – 2 to be elected

  1. Robert Bowie-Reed
  2. Stacy McLaren
  3. Greg Scriver

CRPEG members are encouraged to review the candidate biographies prior to making your decision.  Further information can be found here:

Your vote counts!

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