CRPEG Bulletin (2014 October 14): Employee Personnel Files

With the Stand-Up of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories scheduled for November 03, now is an appropriate time to remind members that they are entitled to view their Employee File. Under Article 25 of the collective agreement, you may request to review your personnel file, in the company of a Human Resources representative. It is generally a sensible practice to review your file every few years to ensure that you know what is there and that out-of-date or obsolete personnel information has been dispensed with appropriately.

Members should also know that, under article 25.03

“Disciplinary notations will be removed from an employee’s file after a period of two (2) years provided that no occurrence of a similar nature has taken place over this time.”

CRPEG encourages its members to help AECL / CNL maintain up to date personnel files by periodically reviewing them.

To view your file, call or email your Human Resources Administrator and ask to view your Employee File.  The myAECL internal website lists all of the HR Administrators for each division or organization.  If you have difficulty finding this link, please contact one of the CRPEG Executive or stewards.  If you have difficulty obtaining an appointment to view your file, please contact your nearest CRPEG Steward.

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