CRPEG Bulletin (2014 October 10): Update on Maintenance of Services Agreement

CRPEG met with a Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB)-appointed mediator and AECL on Thursday October 9th to negotiate a Maintenance of Services Agreement (MSA).

The 2001 CIRB ruling declared that a strike or lockout would pose an immediate and serious danger to the safety or health of the public were AECL not to maintain operations with respect to the uninterrupted and safe production of medical isotopes.

During the previous round of collective bargaining in 2011, CRPEG and AECL agreed on an MSA which included isotopes production as essential. Now in 2014, AECL’s position is that the production of medical isotopes is no longer essential. CRPEG disagrees with AECL’s apparent about-face on this issue.

As a result the MSA has been referred to the CIRB. We do not expect a hearing date until early in 2015. A strike or lockout cannot occur until the MSA is resolved.

If AECL and CRPEG do not reach agreement on the MSA prior to November 9th, the current CRPEG strike mandate will expire.

CRPEG:  A Partner in AECL Restructuring.  Let’s “Do It Right”. Faites ce qu’il faut.

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