CRPEG Bulletin (2014 July 11): Update on Negotiations

CRPEG has reached an impasse in contract negotiations with AECL. As a result, earlier today PIPSC has filed a Notice of Dispute with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. This notification starts the conciliation process, whereby AECL and CRPEG will continue negotiations with the assistance of a Conciliator.

At this time, a number of bargaining issues remain unresolved. With the transition of AECL to a GOCO model, pension and job security are central to the Union’s position in bargaining. AECL has stated that they are unwilling or unable to discuss these issues in collective bargaining. This is the situation that has lead to the dispute.

We are confident we can reach an agreement on all issues if AECL is willing to talk about them, and are planning an appropriate strategy to engage them.

CRPEG:  A Partner in AECL Restructuring.  Let’s “Do It Right”

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