PIPSC Awards To CRPEG Members

The National Capital Region (NCR) held its 2013 NCR Regional Council meeting at Ottawa on 2013 June 14 & 15.  At this meeting, the NCR Council honoured eight outstanding members from the National Capital Region for their dedication, commitment and service for the benefit of PIPSC members – seven were presented with the “UNSUNG HERO” award and one with the “EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR” award.

Mr. Vince Frisina, our CRPEG President, was one of the “UNSUNG HERO” awardees with a citation – “for his unwavering and burning desire to help any member in need, sticking to the principle of doing-the-right thing”.

On 2013 April 24th, Jonathan Fitzpatrick (CRPEG Vice-President) was presented with a citation from PIPSC President Gary Corbett and Vice-President Don Burns in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Professional Institute’s Engineering Community by the leadership and dedicated effort taken in Ontario with the PIPSC Engineering Working Group’s Professional Registration Initiative.  To date, this initiative has resulted in the recruitment of over 450 PIPSC members to the Professional Engineers of Ontario.