Severance Video – Options: Payment in Lieu or Severance Pay

The following message was sent out by PIPSC President Gary Corbett on a Severance Pay video that’s been posted on the PIPSC website at this link.
New video now available: “Payment in Lieu or Severance Pay”

The Institute is pleased to present a new addition to its expanding series of Webcasts and information seminars on topics of direct relevance to its members.

“Payment in Lieu or Severance Pay” is an hour-long interactive session presented by the Retirement Planning Institute (RPI) to PIPSC members in the National Capital Region earlier this year. Its objective is to review the principal financial and tax implications of receiving the federal severance payment either today, or upon retirement.

Other related videos of interest include “Understanding your Severance Pay” (2011) and the Retirement Planning Seminar presented by RPI to PIPSC members in 2012.

Please note that the information presented during these sessions is of a general financial nature and is not meant as individual advice. Members interested in a complete review of their fiscal situation should consult a licensed financial advisor.

In Solidarity,
Gary Corbett

Career & Professional Development (C&PD) – Joint Union/Management Presentations

CRPEG members are invited to attend one of the joint union/management presentations on C&PD.  Managers of CRPEG members are also invited to attend the presentation.  The presentation will provide information about C&PD, the provisions within the CRPEG Collective Agreement, their implementation, and roles & responsibilities of CRPEG members and their line managers.

  • Wednesday May 8th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – Bennett Room (JL Gray) – Colette Taylor co-presenter
  • Thursday May 9th, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm – Main Library Auditorium (CRL) – Brock Sanderson co-presenter
  • Friday May 10th, 9:00 am – 10:00 am – Main Library Auditorium (CRL) – Brock Sanderson co-presenter

A copy of the presentation has been attached to an announcement sent to CRPEG members on their AECL email.

CRPEG Executive

Working Together For The Public Good
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Career & Professional Development (C&PD)

As part of your annual Performance Appraisal, there is a joint employee and management responsibility to complete a 3-year Career and Professional Development (C&PD) plan.  The C&PD plan is mutually agreed between the CRPEG member and management and updated annually.  Each CRPEG member should be proactive and draft their own 3-year C&PD plan, and review it with their manager during the performance review.  The C&PD plan should be captured in your performance appraisal form (there is a specific section identified for this information on page 3 of the form).

What constitutes Career and Professional Development? 

According to the C&PD guidelines for CRPEG employees (link below), here are some AECL Examples:

  • developmental or special job assignments / succession planning (for both mentor and mentored) very important with ageing work force
  • external assignments or attachments to other organizations
  • self-directed learning
  • Company support for higher education
    • financial or time support for PhD
    • sabbatical leave
  • attendance at conferences, conventions and workshops
  • courses – e.g. computational physics, health physics, repair and assessment of structures, probabilistic safety assessment, risk management

Any time or expense charges to the C&PD subtask (.8111) should be those activities identified in your C&PD plan.  If it’s not in your plan, you should question whether it should be charged to the C&PD number.

What is not considered C&PD?

Training is usually classified as “necessary to do the job”.  Training refers to activities where one receives the necessary subject matter and/or learns to perform the tasks required to do the job.  Training is one means of achieving career and professional development, but whether it is career development or not must be agreed upon by the manager and employee.

AECL examples of training that probably would not be considered as Career and Professional Development:

  • Basic MS Office Word, Power Point etc.
  • Group 3 Radiation Protection
  • Emergency Steward/Officer in Charge
  • General and Safety Orientation

What’s the big deal anyway?

Under the provisions of the CRPEG agreement, C&PD is funded separately, to 5% of CRPEG payroll.  The allocation of these specific funds are to ensure that professional employees continue to enhance their skills and knowledge for their own career advancement and job security.  If we are charging regular training to the C&PD number, then that is taking away funds from the C&PD budget, which could potentially be taking away C&PD opportunities of our members.

What do I do if my Management directs me to charge my training time to the .8111 subtask?

You should inform your manager that this is in violation of the CRPEG contract.  If Management persists, you should complete your timesheet as directed, however you should follow up with a CRPEG Steward, who will assist you in filing a grievance.  If CRPEG receives enough similar complaints, then a group grievance will be filed.

More information on C&PD for CRPEG members is available on the myAECL website entitled:

  • CRPEG Career Professional Development Guidelines
  • CRPEG Career Professional Development Presentation
  • Performance Appraisal Form

If you can’t locate this information, please contact one of the CRPEG stewards.

CRPEG Executive

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2013 Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program – Call For Applications

Information on the PIPSC Legacy Foundation’s call for applications for scholarships to students who are children or grandchildren of Institute members. In 2013, the Foundation will award the following scholarships:

Through the Sponsors’ Series

  • three $5,000 scholarships
  • fourteen $3,000 scholarships
  • eleven $1,500 scholarships

Through the Founders’ Series

  • two $1,500 scholarships
  • two $1,000 scholarships
  • one $500 scholarship

For complete information on the scholarships please see the PIPSC website at

Note that CRPEG member’s children/grandchildren have received these scholarships in the past.  Congratulations to the previous scholarship winners and best of luck to this year’s scholarship applicants. See the website for complete information on eligibility requirements.

CRPEG Executive

Working Together For The Public Good
Note:  Link to list of Executive embedded in CRPEG Executive.