Information Session on Voluntary Severance Pay To Be Held In Late January 2013

CRPEG will be hosting an information session on voluntary severance pay. Members are invited to attend this information session to assist them in making the decision best suited for them.

Members have until 2013 April 25th to communicate their selection on voluntary severance pay to AECL Human Resources.  As a reminder, the three options are as follows:

  1. Take it all now at salary rate as of 2012 June 30.
  2. Take it all at retirement or departure from AECL at the salary rate at time of departure.
  3. Take some now and take the balance at time of departure from AECL.

If you do not make a selection, then you are deemed to have chosen option 2.

We are very pleased that Bernard Dussault, Pension and Benefits Advisor of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) has kindly agreed to participate at this Severance Pay Information Session.

Date and location of the information session to be determined.  It is tentatively scheduled for late January 2013.  An update bulletin will be sent to the membership in early January once the arrangements are finalized.

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