Annual General Meeting & New Executive

Many thanks to all the CRPEG members who attended last night’s AGM.

There was excellent participation and discussion on a wide variety of topics including the CRPEG Scholarship, Proposed Changes to the Engineering Act, Voluntary Termination Package, and Proposed Changes to the Public Service Superannuation Act.

Our thanks also goes to Tim Sykes for his contributions as the Nominations Chair and conducting the Election of Officers.

You will be seeing more of the CRPEG logo as attendees to the AGM received hats and scarves to promote union solidarity in the workplace.

The CRPEG Executive for 2013 is:

President Vince Frisina (DN-44946)
Vice President Jonathan Fitzpatrick (DN-44067)
Chief Steward Wade Mayo (DN-43755)
Treasurer Kristine Drew (DN-45252)
Secretary Raghu Rao (DN-44500)
PIPSC Relations Henrik Andersen (DN-44227)
Negotiations Noel Harrison (DN-46529)
Communications Joe Magill (DN-46886)
Special Assignments John Montin (DN-46339)

CRPEG Executive
Working Together For The Public Good 

The Executive Page (accessed from the black menu under the CRPEG logo) has been updated with the 2013 executive.  CRPEG stewards are also listed at this location.